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Muzzy exhaust systems are designed to run well with a minimum of changes to the carburetion. However, anytime the flow through the engine is changed, fuel mixture will need to be adjusted for maximum power. This may be done without a jet kit, but a jet kit is recommended for best results. The adjustability that jet kits provide will ensure that you'll always realize the greatest performance increase possible. At Muzzys, we test all available (DynoJet or Factory) jet kits with each of our systems. We then recommend whichever brand works best with a particular pipe application. In cases where there is no difference, we offer both and leave the choice to the tuner's preference. In cases where neither is satisfactory to us, we will try to have a specific kit assembled to our specifications by DynoJet or Factory and this kit will be referred to as a "MUZZY" jet kit.
The Power Commander (PC) is a fuel injection and ignition timing (on some models) adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bikes' stock ECU. The PC uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel and ignition curves via the PC's onboard microprocessor. This technology offers a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bikes' ECU (electronic control unit). Removing the PC returns the bike to its previous stock condition. The Power Commander can be ordered preprogrammed with a your choice of several settings, based on the modifications to your bike. The unit also comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file

The NEW Power Commander V

The New Power Commander V is loaded with tons of new features. It is compatible with 2009 and newer bike models. Below you will find some Power Commander V features.
Reduced size from PCIIIusb (less than half of the size of PCIII)
USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
Gear input (allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost or temperature)
With gear position input connected the PCV is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for each gear (for example: on a 4 cylinder bike with a six speed transmission there could be up to 24 separate fuel tables).
Unit has a -100/+250% fuel change range (up from -100/+100%). This allows more adjustment range for 8 injector sportbikes
10 throttle position columns (up from 9 on PCIIIusb)
Enhanced “accel pump” utility (increased adjustment and sensitivity ranges)

Jet Kits & Power Commanders
P/N Description
Arctic Cat -
0015-000722006-2007 700 EFI Arctic Cat Digitune$245.95
0015-001202009 XTZ-1000 Prowler Power Commander V$369.50
Can-Am -
0015-000792006-2007 Outlander 500/650/800 Digitune$245.95
0015-000732007 Renegade 500/650/800 Digitune$245.95
0015-000712007-2008 800 Can Am Renegade Power Commander$359.95
Honda -
0012-000021999-2008 TRX-400 EX Jet kit--Dynojet$59.95
P108-2112001-2007 CBR-600 F4i PC III Power Commander$332.00
P108-3112001-2004 CBR-600 F4i PC IIIr Power Commander $403.00
F72101999-2000 CBR-600 F4 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
P104-3112000-2001 CBR-929 RR PC IIIr Power Commander $403.00
0015-000032002-2004 Honda 919 PC III Power Commander $359.95
P104-1112000-2001 CBR-929 RR PC III Power Commander$332.00
P105-1112000-2001 RC-51 PC II Power Commander$332.00
F3410 1994-2001 Ace 1100 Factory carburetor kit $89.95
F75101997-1998CBR-1100 XX Factory carburetor kit$129.95
P102-1111999-2001 CBR-1100 XX PC II Power Commander $332.00
0015-000232002-2005 VTX-1800 PC III USB Power Commander $359.95
Kawasaki -
D21381986-2006 EX-250 Dynojet jet kit$85.95
F13101986-2006 EX-250 Ninja Factory carburetor kit$89.95
0012-000382008-2009 EX-250 Ninja Jet Kit$85.95
0012-000402009 KLX-250 S Jet Kit $64.89
0012-000242004 KX-250 FJet kit Dynojet$64.95
0012-000082003 LTZ-400, KFX-400 Dynojet jet kit$59.95
0015-000742008 KFX-450R Digitune$245.95
D21281987-2006 EX-500, 1991-2001 EN-500 Dynojet jet kit$85.95
F05101987-2004 EX-500 Factory carburetor kit$89.95
0015-000202003 ZX-6 RR PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
F01101988-1997 Ninja 600 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21421990-1993 ZX-6 D Dynojet jet kit $125.95
F12101990-1993 ZX-6 D Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21531993-2004 ZX-6 E Dynojet jet kit$125.95
F32101993-2004 ZX-6 E Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21882000-2002 ZX-6 R Dynojet jet kit$125.95
D21891998-1999 ZX-6 R Dynojet jet kit$125.95
F59171995-1997 ZX-6 R Factory/Muzzy carburetor kit$189.95
0012-000182000-2002 ZX-6R Rockland jet kit$120.00
0015-000502005-2006 ZX6R PCIII/USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000692007-2008 ZX-6 PCIII/USB Power Commander $359.95
D2189CA1998-1999 ZX-6 R Dynojet California model jet kit$125.95
0015-000282004 ZX-6 RR PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
0012-000362005-2008 ZZR-600 Jet Kit$125.95
0015-000182003-2004 ZX-6 R 636 PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
0012-000392008-2009 KLR-650 Jet Kit$64.89
0015-000592006-2007 EX-650-R Power Commander$359.95
0012-000222003-2009 KFX-700 Jet kit-Dynojet$85.95
0015-000112008 Bruteforce KVF-750 Dynojet Ignition Module for the Power Commander$355.80
0015-000952008 Bruteforce 750 Power Commander$359.95
0012-000292005-2007 KVF-750 Brute Force Jet Kit$85.95
0015-000812008 750 Bruteforce Digitune$245.95
D21261987-1990 Ninja 750 Dynojet jet kit$125.95
0012-000372008 Teryx Jet Kit$85.65
0015-000072008 Teryx Programmable Ignition Module$349.00
0015-00114 09-11 Teryx PC V $359.95
0015-000412004-2005 Z-750 PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
D21742000-2001 ZR-7 Dynojet jet kit$125.95
F31101991-1992 ZX-7 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
F77101993-1995 ZX-7 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21701996-2003 ZX-7 R Dynojet jet kit$125.95
F51051996-2003 ZX-7 R Factory/Muzzy carburetor kit$129.95
F25101995-2004 Vulcan 800 Factory carburetor kit$89.95
F20101984-1986 Ninja 900 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
F67101998-1999 ZX-9 R Factory/Muzzy carburetor kit$129.95
F27101994-1997 ZX-9 R Factory carburetor kit$129.95
F27171994-1997 ZX-9 R Factory/Muzzy carburetor kit$189.95
0012-000052002-2003 ZX-9 R Jet kit--Factory$119.95
0015-000192003-2006 Z-1000 PC III USB Power Commander $359.95
F15101988-1990 ZX-10 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
0015-000522004-2005 ZX10 Dynojet Ignition Module for the Power Commander$355.00
0015-000292004-2005 ZX-10 R PC III USB Power Commander $359.95
0015-000602006-2007 ZX-10R Power Commander$359.95
0015-00137 2011 ZX-10R Power Commander V - NEW $369.95
F93101995-1997 GPZ-1100 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21791999-2000 ZRX-1100 Dynojet jet kit-Kit includes 4 each of DJ100 and DJ134$145.95
F11101990-1991.5 ZX-11 C Factory carburetor kit$129.95
F1111-TI1990-1991 ZX-11 C Factory carburetor kit$149.95
F19101991.5-1993 ZX-11 C Factory carburetor kit$129.95
D21511993-1997 ZX-11 D Dynojet jet kit$125.95
D21901998-2001 ZX-11 D Dynojet jet kit$125.95
F92252001-2005 ZRX-1200 Factory Jet kit w/filter $230.95
0012-000042001-2005ZRX-1200 Dynojet jet kit--stage 1 & 3 $125.95
0012-000102001-2005 ZRX-1200 Muzzy 1224 carburetor jet kit w/filter $230.95
F92102001-2004 ZRX1200 Factory Jet Kit$129.95
0015-000532004-2005 ZX12 Dynojet Ignition Module for the Power Commander$355.00
0015-000082002-2003 ZX-12 R PC III Power Commander $359.95
0015-000092002-2004 ZX-12 R PC IIIr Power Commander$359.95
0015-000402004-2005 ZX-12R PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
P204-4112000-2001 ZX12R Power Commander PCIII USB$332.00
0012-000162002-2005 ZZR-1200 Rockland jet kit$150.00
0012-000092002-2005 ZZR-1200 Jet kit -Factory $129.95
0015-00001 2008 Concours 14 Power Commander PCIII USB $359.95
0015-00015 2009 Concours 14 Power Commander PCV $369.95
0015-00016 10-11 Concours 14 Power Commander PCV$369.95
0015-000652006-2007 ZX-14 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000962006-2008 ZX-14 Ignition Module$355.00
0015-0011006-11 ZX-14 Power Commander V$369.50
0015-00140 2012 ZX-14R Power Commander V - NEW $379.95
F99101996-2004 Vulcan 1500 Classic, 1999-2001 Nomad Factory carburetor kit$79.95
P201-2111999-2005 Kawasaki Drifter PC III Power Commander$332.00
0015-000242000-2004 VN-1500 Nomad PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
P203-2112000-2003 Vulcan1500 Classic PC III Power Commander$332.00
0015-000222002-2003 VN-1500 Mean Streak PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000362004-2008 VN-1600 Mean streak PC III USB Power Commander $359.95
0012-000151999-2000 ZRX-1100, 2001-2004 ZRX-1200 Rockland jet kit$130.00
0012-00043 08-08 KTM-450 / 525XC Dynojet jet kit $58.95
Polaris -
0015-00075 2006-2008 Polaris Sportsman 500 Digitune $245.95
0015-00076 2005-2007 Sportsman 700, 08-09 800 Ranger RZR Digitune$245.95
0015-000622005-2007 Polaris 800 EFI PCIII USB$359.95
0015-00103 2008-10 Polaris RZR-800 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
Suzuki -
0012-000212000-2008 DRZ-400 Jet kit Dynojet$64.95
0012-000072000-2007 DRZ-400 E Dynojet jet kit$64.95
0012-000352005-2008 DRZ-400SM Jet Kit$64.95
0015-000682006 LTR-450 PCIII USB$359.95
0015-000772006-2008 LTR-450 Digitune$245.95
D31281989-2000 GS-500 Dynojet jet kit$83.16
F71171997-2000 GSXR-600 Factory carburetor kit$189.95
P307-3112001-2003 GSXR-600 PC IIIr Power Commander$403.00
0015-000542004-2005 GSXR-600 Power Commander III USB$359.95
D31711999-2002 SV-650 Dynojet jet kit$85.95
F36101999-2002 SV-650 Factory carburetor kit$89.95
D31221988-1989 GSXR-750 Dynojet jet kit stage 1 and 3 $125.95
F37171996-1999 GSXR-750 Factory carburetor kit$189.95
0015-000892006-2007 GSXR-750 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000212003-2004 GSXR-1000 PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000342001-2002 GSXR-1000 PC III USB Power Commander $359.95
0015-000472005-2006 GSXR-1000 PCIII/USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000872007 GSXR-1000 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
P306-1122000-2002 TL-1000 R PC II Power Commander$332.00
P301-1111997-2001 TL-1000 S PC II Power Commander$332.00
FS75102001-2003 Bandit 1200 Factory carburetor kit$109.95
0015-000832008 GSXR-1300 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000122002-2005 GSXR-1300 PC IIIr Power Commander$359.95
0015-000372002-2006 GSXR-1300 Hayabusa PC III USB Power Commander$359.95
Yamaha -
0015-00017 2003 YZF-600 R6 PC III Power Commander$359.95
D41611999-2000 YZF-600 R6 Jet kit$125.89
D41632001 YZF-600 R6 Jet kit$125.89
0012-000032001-2003 YMF-660 R Raptor jet kit---Dynojet$85.65
0012-00041 06-07 660 Rhino jet kit---Dynojet $85.65
0015-000802006-2007 Grizzly 700 Digitune$245.95
0015-000782005-2008 YFM-700R 700 Digitune$245.95
0012-000012001-2003 FZ11000 Factory carburetor kit$129.95
0012-000142000-2001YZF-1000 R1 Jet kit-Dynojet$125.89
D41641998-1999 YZF-1000 R1 jet kit-Dynojet$125.89
0015-000132002-2003YZF-1000 R1 PC III Power Commander$359.95
0015-000562001-2005 FJR-1300 PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
0015-000642006-2007 FJR-1300 PC III USP Power Commander$359.95
0015-000432002-2005 Road Star PCIII USB Power Commander$359.95
Power Commander Accessories -
0015-00097Full Multi-Function Hub Kit $189.99
0015-00098Multifunction Hub Only$124.99
0015-00099Pressure Input Harness$12.99
0015-00100Pressure Input Harness w/3 bar sensor connector (3 bar sensor is not included)$25.99
0015-00101LCD Unit for PCIII USB$299.99
0015-00111 PCV Autotuner $249.00








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