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Muzzys Standalone Engine Management System

P/N 0011-00001 Race ECU - $1,995.95
Includes ECU, Harness, Trigger, Download cable & Software

P/N 0011-00026 512k data logging memory upgrade $595

ECU Features
* 2 High impedance injector drivers - batch fire
* 4 direct ignition coil outputs
* Digital tach output (can be for CDI triggering)
* 9 analog inputs
* 3 digital inputs (Hall or Mag)
* 2 switch inputs
* Closed loop mapping control
* Fuel pump relay output
* Shift lamp output
* Optional 512k internal data logger
* User programmable self diagnostics
* 1 RS232 interface (115.2 kbaud)

Digital Inputs
* Engine speed
* Cam position
* Wheel speed
* BeaconAnalog Inputs
* Throttle, Battery, Airbox, Air Temp, Water Temp, Fuel Press, Oil Press, Lambda 1, Lambda 2, ECU Temp, Mixture SWDiagnostics
* Error codes for all sensors and pickups
* Programmable error thresholds
* Sensor min. and max. values recorded
* Non-volatile diagnostic memoryAdditional
* ECU can use the stock MAP, Air Temp, Water Temp, and Throttle Pos. Sensor
* Requires Muzzy trigger

* 3D fuel and spark maps
* All maps with adjustable breakpoints
* Programmable sensor calibrations
* Closed loop lambda control
* Unique self mapping software
* Fuel and spark trims for each cylinder
* 3D injection phase map
* Sensor correction tables
* Closed loop boost control
* Shift - without - lift function
* Pit lane speed limiter
* ECU loadable with 2 maps
* Adjustable internal logger sample rates
* Programmable engine protection functions

The included version 7 software has combined the System Editor and ECU Communications into a single application that allows real-time editing of the current map in the ECU. When connected, any changes made to your maps are automatically sent to the ECU and will be in effect thus speeding up the mapping process.

nEditor Main View

The file folder window is designed to simplify the management of your engine maps. It features an intuitive tree view window to facilitate easy loading and viewing of your function groups, maps and constants

File Folder

The Data Controls window is a customizable screen with up to 16 user definable pages for all of your engine channel data. Data can be displayed by a variety of user defined controls tailored for your particular application.

Data Controls

Three-dimensional fuel & spark maps can be defined with up to 32 user-adjustable breakpoints per axis. An easy-to-use file format simply guides you through the mapping and configuration process.

Graphical Mode

The standard Windows Cut, Copy and Paste functions allow easy editing of all the maps and an interpolation function permits rapid filling and smoothing of the map.
Multiple maps can be opened simultaneously and can be displayed and edited in graphical or numerical format.

Numeric Mode

The fuel injection and spark timing can be trimmed for each individual cylinder and map corrections can be based on any of the sensor inputs, such as water temperature for cold starts.
Multiple maps can easily be compared to highlight the differences between them, down to specific locations.

Map Compare

The Logging Table is used to setup the optional internal data logger. Here you can set the sample rates for each of the channels that you want to log.

Data Logging

The ECU also has user programmable alarm channels. The limits for each channel can be set along with a mask time and an optional engine rpm qualifying threshold.

One of the major advantages of the software is the unique ability to apply a self-learned lambda table to the fuel map to optimize the map across the whole operating range. This compensates for any differences experienced between the dyno and the track and provides the best fuel map for all conditions.

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