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Part Number - 11DDB (dry) $2,495.95 and 11DWB (wet) $2,695.95


The ZX-11 Big Block cylinder is available in two versions, "dry" and "wet" (watercooled) This is a complete kit with a billet aluminum, nickel silicon carbide plated cylinder, pistons, rings, and gaskets. These cylinders are available in 81 mm bore only, which yields 1195 cc's with stock stroke.

The "wet" cylinder incorporates increased size water jackets, and nickel silicon carbide plated bores. * Modification to upper case required.

The "dry" cylinder is solid billet aluminum with a nickel silicon carbide plated bores, no water jackets and is for drag racing only.

For nitrous or turbo use, both cylinders are available with O-ring grooves that will accept stainless steel wire O-rings, however it is required that a "receiver" groove also be machined into the cylinder head. This is an extra cost operation and requires the addition of a copper head gasket and that you send your head to us for machining.
Price for O-ringing: Machining $100.00
Copper head gasket $55.39

Naturally aspirated, non-nitrous versions do not require the O-rings.

The standard pistons are forged, with a 13.5:1 compression ratio. Flat top turbo pistons are available on request.

The 81 mm bore, when used with 58mm (stock ZX-11) stroke, or +3,+5, or +7mm strokes results in displacements as follows:

81 mm Bore
est. compression 13.5 (naturally aspirated piston)
Compression to be set by engine builder
Compression to be set by engine builder
Compression to be set by engine builder

Special 200 psi lower compression pistons are available for those who need to meet a 200 psi limit for 1200 cc. engines. Specify Kit # 11DWBF

The shortest stroke is always recommended due to reliability problems with the welded strokers. Long stroke cranks MAY be used successfully in drag racing but all will eventually crack and break. On Zx-11's a maximum of +3 is recommended for street motorcycle or race car use.

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