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The new Wet Clutch Delete Kit from Muzzys removes the stock Wildcat or Prowler 1000 wet clutch assembly for a significant reduction in power lag and an increase in acceleration and top speed. The result is a faster, more responsive Wildcat with a fully tuneable performance clutch. No modifiction of stock components is required to install this kit. Be sure to order the Spike Load Dampener Delete Kit at the same time.
*For Standard model only


  • New re-worked CVTech Trailbloc clutch - very light weight and easy to adjust
  • Huge increase in acceleration (lower bottom end ratio, higher top end)
  • Rotating mass savings of nearly six pounds!
  • Does NOT require modification of stock components
  • Bolt-on design - includes precision CNC machined flanges and hardware
  • Full tuning parts available below
  • Complete full color installation instructions included
  • Also fits the Arctic Cat Prowler 1000

  P/N Description Price

2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat/Prowler 1000 Wet Clutch Delete Kit*
Kit includes New CVTech Trailbloc clutch, cnc machined mounting flanges, all hardware and complete instructions

*NOTE: This is a special order item.

  2012 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Spike Load Dampener Delete $224.95
  Clutch Puller Tool $69.95


Trailbloc weights - sold in quantities of 6
0901-07101Accessories Weight 6gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07102Accessories Weight 8gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07103Accessories Weight 10gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07104Accessories Weight 12gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07105Accessories Weight 14gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07106Accessories Weight 16gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07107Accessories Weight 18gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07108Accessories Weight 20gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07109Accessories Weight 22gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07110Accessories Weight 24gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07111Accessories Weight 26gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07112Accessories Weight 28gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
0901-07113Accessories Weight 30gr. Qty:6 Trailbloc$24.99
Trailbloc weight block - holds weights in Trailbloc clutch
0930-03001Trailbloc weight block only - 10gr.$5.99


Trailbloc Springs
( Precharge engagement @ 60MM Newton / Top Speed Charge @ 33MM Newton)
0951-1001Spring 80N. / 200N.$34.99
0951-1002Spring 80N. / 400N.$34.99
0951-1003Spring 80N. / 600N.$34.99
0951-1004Spring 80N. / 900N.$34.99
0951-1005Spring 80N. / 1200N.$34.99
0951-1006Spring 80N. / 1600N.$34.99
0951-1007Spring 120N. / 200N.$34.99
0951-1008Spring 120N. / 400N.$34.99
0951-1009Spring 120N. / 600N.$34.99
0951-1010Spring 120N. / 900N.$34.99
0951-1011Spring 120N. / 1200N.$34.99
0951-1012Spring 120N. / 1600N.$34.99
0951-1013Spring 200N. / 400N.$34.99
0951-1014Spring 200N. / 600N.$34.99
0951-1015Spring 200N. / 900N.$34.99
0951-1016Spring 200N. / 1200N.$34.99
0951-1017Spring 200N. / 1600N.$34.99
0951-1018Spring 300N. / 600N.$34.99
0951-1021Spring 300N. / 1600N.$34.99
0951-1027Spring 400N. / 1772N.$34.99






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