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08-13 Teryx Pro Exhaust System

  • Optimized for big bore engines
  • Large diameter triple stepped headpipes
  • Exclusive siamese collector increases low and mid range power
  • Spigot and flange mount head pipes reduce strain and allow easy removal of the exhaust for racing applications
  • Large diameter dual oval aluminum mufflers
  • Dual oxygen sensor bungs
  • Flanged exhaust gaskets included
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance


Teryx PRO exhaust w/dual polished aluminum mufflers

Teryx PRO head pipe

Teryx PRO siamese collector

Brushed Aluminum

Black coated

Months of dedicated Teryx race engine development led to the design of a new exhaust system specifically for big bore engines like the Muzzy 800,840 & 916. The new Muzzy PRO features large diameter, triple stepped headpipes that merge into an exclusive siamese collector and out into large diameter 16" mufflers. This 2-1-2 design allows for proper scavenging effect with no restriction in flow. The result is seemingly unlimited top end power with low and mid range increases that ordinary dual exhaust systems can't touch.
Available with polished, brushed or black muffler finishes.



Also available for the '09-12 Teryx
P/N Description Price
0015-00106 2009-11 Teryx Digitune

NEW - Muffler Turn Down Kit

This kit is compatible with the Muzzy Teryx Pro Exhaust mufflers ONLY. Included are two face plates, 90 degree turndowns, 4 bolts and thread lock compound. The muffler turn downs will help direct exhaust gasses away from some aftermarket rear bumpers.
NOTE: This turndown kit may reduce the cargo bed dump clearances.

P/N Description
0033-00186 2" Teryx Pro muffler 90 DEGREE turndown kit $79.95

NEW - Whisper Core Kit

These cores slide inside each Muzzy canister and offer a 3-4 db noise reduction.This is a significant reduction because with every 3dBA reduction, the human ear perceives the sound level cut in half.
P/N Description
0033-00177 08-11 Teryx PRO Whisper Core Kit
These will only fit the Teryx PRO exhaust






2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit

This kit is recommended for the Muzzy Teryx exhaust and is easy to install. Included is 50 feet of 2" exhaust wrap, 1 can of high temp silicone spray sealer and 8 wrap straps. This wrap can effectively reduce radiated heat up to 70%. The product contains no asbestos or carcinogens. Especially effective in preventing burns in close contact areas.

P/N Description Price
0053-00086 2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit











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