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NEW - Yamaha Rhino 700 Muzzy Exhaust System

  • Full stainless 2-2 design.
  • Dual oval mufflers available in polished, brushed or black coated aluminum.
  • Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets.
  • Big horsepower gains.
  • Integrated oxygen sensor bung.
  • Spring mounted and slip fit for durability.
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance
Rhino 700 exhaust w/polished dual oval aluminum mufflers

This is the ultimate exhaust choice for Yamaha Rhino 700. Fully tuned equal length headpipes create the most powerful Rhino exhaust available. The oval aluminum canisters feature billet aluminum inlets and outlets. Each canister comes standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrestor and quiet core. The muffler canisters are held via a trick looking CNC machined aluminum bracket. The integrated oxygen sensor bung allows the addition of an air/fuel meter. The dual oval muffler design helps keep sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the incredible Muzzy exhaust tone. Detailed installation instructions are included.

Rhino 700 Products

Brushed Aluminum

Black Coated

Also available

Yamaha Rhino Fuel Injection Controller & Ignition Modules
P/N Description
0015-00078 2008-12 Yamaha Rhino 700 Digitune $245.95
0015-00105 2008-12 Rhino 700 Programmable Ignition Module $249.95
0015-00121 2008-12 Yamaha Rhino 700 MSD Charge Fuel/Ignition Module $399.95

NEW - Muffler Turn Down Kit

This kit is compatible with the Muzzy Standard Teryx Exhaust mufflers as well as the Rhino 660 & 700 mufflers. Included are two face plates, 90 degree turn downs, 4 bolts and thread lock compound. The muffler turn downs will help direct exhaust gasses away from some aftermarket rear bumpers.
NOTE: This turndown kit may reduce the cargo bed dump clearances.

P/N Description
0033-00185 1-3/4" Teryx/Rhino muffler 90 degree turn down kit $79.95

NEW - Whisper Core Kit

These removable cores slide inside each Muzzy canister and offer a 3-4 db noise reduction. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN EXTENDED HIGH RPM APPLICATIONS.
P/N Description
0033-00157 Yamaha Rhino 660/700 Whisper Core Kit $87.95




2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit

This kit includes everything needed to heat wrap and seal both head pipes on any Muzzy 2 cylinder exhaust. Included is 50 feet of 2" exhaust wrap, 1 can of high temp silicone spray sealer and 8 wrap straps. This wrap can effectively reduce radiated heat up to 70%. The product contains no asbestos or carcinogens. Especially effective in preventing burns in close contact areas.

P/N Description Price
0053-00086 2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit











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