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ATV/Offroad Exhaust Systems
- High quality stainless steel or titanium head pipes
- Lightweight aluminum, oval stainless steel or oval titanium mufflers
- M
odular spark arrester/quiet core included
- Pro engineered for power where it matters
- Sound levels below 96db
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The latest crop of four stroke off road power plants borrow heavily from the likes of 175 hp Super Bike engines. It should be no surprise then, that the world’s best known four stroke exhaust manufacturer would now offer a lineup of the best performing, highest quality titanium and stainless steel exhaust systems for your ATV. Who better to add power to your 4 stroke ATV than the most successful 4 stroke tuner in the world, Rob Muzzy. Muzzys Performance Products is pleased to offer a growing line of 4-stroke ATV pipes. These high quality exhaust systems feature stainless steel or titanium (on some models) head pipes, lightweight aluminum or oval titanium mufflers, and are engineered for power where it matters.
All are lighter than stock. Slip on systems offer nearly the same level of higher performance with only slightly more weight. Again, all are lighter than stock. Muzzy ATV pipes are quiet, too. During unofficial sound test results when tested by “The Blue Ribbon Coalition”, a national off-road rights group. The test was conducted in the accepted 45 degree at 20 inches manner. At 3750 RPM, with the spark arrestor screen and our quiet core installed, the Muzzy pipe yielded a sound level of a very quiet 93 db.!

Our own tests, conducted at a slightly higher 4000 rpm yielded 94-95 db with the quiet core and spark screen, 97 db with the spark arrestor screen alone, and 100-101 with the “open” muffler.
These results put the Muzzy exhaust with the quiet core and spark arrestor well under the Jan 1,2003 California off –road sound limit of 96 db (when tested in the same manner).
Clearly Muzzy’s engineering will benefit your ATV in the same way that countless enthusiasts have always counted on for their high performance street or race bikes.

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Modular Spark Arrestor Kit w/ Quiet Insert

*This kit is compatible with all Muzzy Off-Road and ATV mufflers

0045-00012 ATV/ Offroad modular Forestry Service approved spark arrestor kit with quiet insert $32.95

2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit

This kit includes everything needed to heat wrap and seal both head pipes on any Muzzy 2 cylinder exhaust. Included is 50 feet of 2" exhaust wrap, 1 can of high temp. silicone spray sealer and 8 wrap straps. This wrap can effectively reduce radiated heat up to 70%. The product contains no asbestos or carcinogens. Especially effective in preventing burns in close contact areas.

P/N Description Price
0053-00086 2 Cylinder Exhaust Wrap Kit



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